What does it mean to be a (trans) woman?


What does it mean to be a (trans) woman?

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What does 'Detransition, Baby' by Torrey Peters tell us about gender? With Gender Scholar Dr Lieks Hettinga.

The bestselling book Detransition, Baby was called 'perhaps the first great trans realist novel' by The Guardian. It exposes the dreams and sometimes harsh realities of the trans community. One character has an urgent desire to have children, another decides to reverse his transition because he finds life as a trans woman too difficult. Gender scholar Dr Lieks Hettinga (LEI) on the binary logic surrounding (de) transition and contemporary attacks on trans womanhood.


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Tuesday September 24 2024 (20:00-21:30)
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Door een goed geschreven verhaal voel je – voor even – hoe het is om in de schoenen te staan van iemand die je niet bent, of juist iemand die je altijd al was maar waarvoor je de woorden eerder nog niet kende. Drie wetenschappers over emancipatoire boeken.