What do we need for a just food transition?


What do we need for a just food transition?

De toekomst van ons eten
Ecological economist Dr Julia Tschersich (UU) on how to create a just and inclusive food transition.

An astonishing number of 828 million people globally are affected by hunger, and this number is rising. How do we ensure that everyone has enough to eat? Our current global food system is insufficient. Not only is it destroying the planet, but it is also highly vulnerable to climate change. Increasingly frequent extreme weather events such as droughts, heavy rains, heat waves and floods lead to crop losses. Moreover, it is deeply unfair. Although we produce enough food to feed the world, it is not distributed evenly, and in many places access to healthy and fresh food is limited.

According to ecological economist Dr Julia Tschersich (UU), it’s time for change. What do we need for the transition to a sustainable food system? And how do we integrate important values such as justice and democracy into this?

In collaboration with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development & Future Food Utrecht (UU).


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Tuesday March 21 2023 (20:00-21:30)
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De toekomst van ons eten

Klimaatverandering, de coronapandemie en de oorlog in Oekraïne laten zien hoe kwetsbaar ons voedselsysteem is. Als we niet ingrijpen, dreigt een wereldwijde voedselcrisis. Hoe stoppen we die?