How China takes over


How China takes over

Rethinking global power
Political economist Dr Jue Wang on economic superpower China and its increasing influence.

In recent decades, China has developed into an economic superpower and an important player in world politics. What actually is China’s role in global economic governance? And is war in Europe an opportunity for China to increase its influence? Political economist Dr Jue Wang (Leiden University) outlines China’s economical rise on the international stage and will discuss some important benchmarks. Furthermore, she will elaborate on the origins and implications of China’s recent economic slowdown.

In cooperation with Utrecht Centre for Global Challenges/Contesting Governance and SIB Utrecht.

Would you like to dine in the Faculty Club ahead of the event? Doors open from 18.00 hrs, dinner starts 18.30 hrs. Costs: €23 (€17,50 for students). Reservations via this form.

On this date we had originally planned "Russia's power game" with dr. Gijs Kessler. That event was moved to October 11th.


Date & time
Tuesday September 13 2022 (20:00-21:30)
No registration is needed. But seats are limited and first come, first served.
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Rethinking global power

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